Retailers are raising the bars to meet the rising expectations of shoppers. Shoppers want nothing less than the Omnichannel experience - It has become the norm today.

Segments we serve


Grocers are feeling the heat at a time when stiff competition is pushing margins down. With changes in consumer tastes, grocers are driven to craft matchless store design, create rich product mix and provide unparalleled customer service.

For supermarkets and grocers, creating unique shopping experience is the key to enhance customer retention. It is an absolute imperative for grocers to hold and sell what consumers want, provide information to allow shoppers make quick buying decisions and promote a pleasing shopping experience.

We help grocers bolster their ability to promote a unique shopping experience and increase customer traffic. Our solutions extend across retail operations, from merchandizing and stores to supply chain and omnichannel, giving shape to the grocer’s plan of securing a strong sales growth in this highly competitive environment.


Apparel retailers are traversing a difficult retail environment. Retailers bear the brunt of consistent price reductions done to motivate buyers and step-up demand, as they find it increasingly difficult to get away from the stranglehold of tighter margins and lower prices.

Retailers are also challenged to reduce shrink, maximize promotions, enhance customer satisfaction and preserve brand integrity in their efforts to increase sales and drive bottom line. For apparel retailers, promoting products that resonate with customers, gaining real-time visibility at the distribution centers and merchandize levels are imperatives to exceed customer expectations.

With a special flair for creating solutions spreading across POS, merchandizing, allocation, replenishment, CRM, BI, mobile and social media, we help apparel retailers to respond to the evolving consumer needs and boost their bottom line.

Department Stores

Department stores face the threat of being reduced to mere showrooms, with shoppers making diligent use of other channels to find and cut the best deal. As omnichannel retailing has now become a major force to reckon with, department stores are driven to promote enriching omnichannel customer experience to bring more customers under their fold.

In this digital age, retailers are also challenged to invigorate their stores by embracing disruptive technologies and stay relevant to meet the evolving consumer needs. Furthermore, retailers realize the need to transform business models in their quest to battle growing e-commerce threats.

Our solutions built on emerging technologies like mobile, social and cloud help retailers emerge as the preferred shopping destination. Our solutions empower department stores to improve their operations, from providing enriching omnichannel experience to enhancing supply chain performance.


The evolving electronics retail landscape is pushing retailers to come to terms with the changes, with millennial consumer preferences, price wars and stiff competition from online retailers joining forces to pull the plug on retailer’s growth.

For now, eliminating boundaries between shopper and retailer to promote uniform shopping experience across all channels has emerged as the top priority of electronics retailers. Retailers aspiring to thrive in this changing landscape realize the need to lure the attention of millennial customer, embrace emerging distribution formats and make the most of e-commerce and mobile channels. Leveraging emerging technologies is the road ahead for retailers to fortify their operating models, engage with customers and earn their trust.

Our solutions help electronics retailers address the changing needs of electronics market, extending from supply chain and product lifecycle management to analytical and mobility solutions.


Online shopping is now a rising trend capturing the attention of e-retailers. With new technologies emerging at a rapid pace and empowered customers demanding interactive experiences, online retailers are driven to keep up with emerging technology to build a profitable business in this competitive environment.

As e-retailers grapple with low conversion rates, knowing more about consumers’ buying behavior has become an indispensable preliminary to promote unique messaging and maximize conversion ratio.

Today, tech-savvy customers want nothing short of competitive pricing, fast delivery, and pleasant customer experience across multiple channels. Moreover, the power of analytics is not lost upon the retailer who wants to extract value from data, respond to decisions made by customers in real time.

For e-retailers, our solutions turn out to be a source of strength to capture customer attention. Our wide-ranging solutions extend from analytical and mobility to omnichannel retailing solutions.

Solutions and Services

Growing competition and evolving technologies have pushed retailers to move faster and gain lead in the marketplace. For retailers, the need of the hour is to engage with their customers by tapping into the potentials of emerging technologies like cloud, social, mobility, dynamic ecommerce and state-of-the-art technologies. We help retailers to deliver superior customer experience, making sure that retailers exceed expectations of customers at all times.

With a rich blend of expertise and industry experience, we provide solutions and services to meet retailers’ needs:


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