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In offering tools and training, Microsoft has ignited economic opportunities and is also a platform that allows talented professionals to make the most of their potentials. With robust partnerships and many programs, Quadrant 4 has provided able support to establishments and projects as we go the extra mile to create opportunities and assist in enhancing digital inclusion, accomplished by way of training and technology access.

With rich experience, Quadrant 4 is well placed to get the Microsoft initiatives of our customers off the ground, built over a strong foundation.

The Microsoft Center of Excellence at Quadrant 4 unveils tailored services and customizable components that guide establishments to optimize the performance, manageability and accessibility of Microsoft solutions effectively. The services and components serve well to enhance return on investment, acquire cost efficiency, and enhance flexibility to handle market novelties as well as changing business requirements.

With our capability to gain quick access to technology deployment blueprints and nx1 technologies, we are suitably equipped to provide a clear estimate well in advance, before proper solutions are implemented. Moreover, with Microsoft as the sought technology, clients are at an advantage to get rid of financial and technical risks that may happen otherwise.