Manufacturing has set foot into a dynamic new phase. Host of new challenges and renewed opportunities await manufacturing firms.

Segments we serve

Process Manufacturing

In today’s market, challenges rain down on process manufacturers. For process manufacturers, several hurdles lie in wait to surprise them in their venture to firm up their presence in an era of innovation and global growth.

While dealing with the challenges, process manufacturers weather the storm of greater unpredictable demand, complex supply chains, changing safety and regulatory requirements and margin issues. The evolving landscape has accelerated manufacturers’ efforts to keep pace with the changes enveloping the industry, where manufacturers seek to acquire extended capabilities to outscore competition, ability to react quickly to changing market dynamics and skills to exceed expectations of today’s customers.

The deep-rooted link with process manufacturing has provided rich experience for us and profitable results for leading manufacturing companies. Whether there is a need to gain real-time visibility into sales orders, purchasing status and inventory levels or acquire enterprise performance analytics strength, our solutions address manufacturers’ demands and deliver results.

Discrete Manufacturing

For discrete manufacturers, keeping track of changing customer needs and gathering customer feedback have grown into absolute imperatives to succeed in the competitive marketplace. Manufacturers are driven to meet the requisite of making headway in product design to incorporate specifications extracted from this market. However, this will throw up complex challenges, where transforming product design may push manufacturers to change component materials, find substitutes, reengineer supply chains, and minimize defective products.

Be it the need to test their product ideas through simulations, create made-to-order products, or set up communication channels to engage end customers, we help clients achieve their objectives to transform operations. By integrating applications that monitors, manages and measures movement in assembly lines on the floor, manufacturers make the right move to improve efficiency and productivity. We ensure that discrete manufacturers make the transition with ease to adopt lean manufacturing.

Solutions and Services

As manufacturing industry continues to evolve, our services help manufacturers to address challenges and opportunities arising out of the transformation. Our services are designed to deliver value across the manufacturing life cycle helping companies to gain competitive edge in the market place.


Taming the Big Data

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