Extracting benefits from cloud hinges primarily on the implementation of right strategy. Analyzing the prevailing environment and enterprise goals is a requisite to leverage cloud solutions.


As of now, cloud’s impact is rippling through the enterprise world. For enterprises, cloud is now a pervasive IT trend to reckon with. It has transformed the way organizations deliver business value. By harnessing the power of cloud, enterprises set up a robust platform to improve business capabilities and enhance internal efficiencies.

With the transition to cloud picking up pace, organizations adopt a nimble approach to get the most out of cloud phenomenon, for cloud technology is now giving shape to the enterprise dream of viable business models.

In short, cloud gives a competitive edge by bridging business expectations and IT capabilities. For organizations, cloud is now a cost-effective and quick solution to promote flexibility, scalability and business continuity. But, knowing how to deploy cloud solutions that sync with an organization’s needs is paramount to reaping benefits from cloud technology.

Our cloud solutions bring value to enterprises of all stripes, allowing them to leverage cloud technology and transform their business and IT landscape. We provide cloud solutions that help you adapt to the increasing demands of customer-driven world; liberate funding for innovation and growth.


Our Cloud services include:

  • Cloud Advisory Services
  • Cloud Development Services
  • Cloud Integration Services
  • Cloud Migration Services
  • Cloud Infrastructure Services

Cloud Advisory Services

Extracting benefits from cloud hinges primarily on the implementation of right strategy. Analyzing the prevailing environment and enterprise goals is a requisite to leverage cloud solutions. Our cloud advisory services help design the roadmap to realize your cloud vision.

Our cloud advisory services help you to:

  • Assess the readiness of enterprise applications targeted for cloud migration
  • Determine deployment models from the range of Public, Private and Hybrid for applications
  • Find prospective Private and Public cloud vendors
  • Lay down roadmap and strategy for cloud adoption

Cloud Development Services

For developing applications targeted for cloud deployment, it becomes imperative to tap into the unique characteristics of cloud. In addition, there is a greater need to address challenges like security, performance and scalability to raise the performance of cloud-based applications.

Our cloud development services are built to develop robust cloud-based applications. From designing and developing applications to testing and rolling out cloud-based applications, we develop applications for specific cloud platforms. Teaming up with clients, we build applications extracting the power of cloud to drive business value.

Cloud Integration Services

SaaS application adoption has spread far and wide into the enterprise world. The need to accelerate cloud adoption drives enterprises to integrate on-premise applications with SaaS applications and other cloud applications.

It is critical to ensure that cloud integration syncs with your enterprise’s strategic goals, with focal attention on security standards, compliance and governance. Adopting the right approach is the key to unlocking value from complex cloud integration.

Whether it is the cloud-to-cloud integration, cloud-to-enterprise integration or other complex integration paths, we provide services to meet your specific cloud integration needs. Our solutions promote cost-effective, agile, and reliable cloud integrations.

Our cloud integration services include:

  • Performing integration assessment
  • Devising a strategy
  • Enabling integration development
  • Managing cloud integration

Cloud Migration Services

When faced with increasing IT costs and downtime, enterprises turn to cloud technology to promote agility, efficiency and innovation. Enterprises gain tangible operational and technology benefits from the transition to cloud by addressing key elements. From identifying applications that are cloud-ready to achieving migration to cloud, organizations face several hurdles before transition is achieved.

With the team adept in using market leading technologies to migrate applications, we help you leverage the cloud’s potential by migrating applications to cloud infrastructure.

Our cloud migration services include:

  • Performing migration assessment
  • Devising a plan
  • Defining roadmap for cloud migration
  • Achieving on-premise application migration to cloud

Cloud Infrastructure Services

Enterprises adapting to market changes are moving towards well-managed infrastructure to cut downtime and costs. Organizations rely on cloud platform to ensure uptimes and high availability of mission-critical applications.

Our cloud infrastructure services are built to remove stumbling blocks that can stand in the way of agility and innovation. Strong partnership with reputed regional and global cloud providers gives impetus to our cloud infrastructure services. Managing Public, Private and Hybrid clouds that encompass operations related to PaaS, IaaS and that of SaaS is a significant component of our cloud infrastructure offerings.

We build Proof of Concept (POC) for clients, as in a way that POC syncs with several virtual platforms and suit off-premise and on-premise requirements.

Our cloud infrastructure services encompass:

  • Consulting services – Assess to ensure cloud-readiness, offer solutions for enterprise cloud platform and provide services for migration
  • Cloud services – Host on cloud for monitoring and managing performance, vertical solutions and IMS solutions
  • Private Cloud Infrastructure services – Empower cloud infrastructure platform that is partner-enabled, for infrastructure including Memory, Backup and Storage; enhance security, enable remote monitoring and managing, accomplish automation when dynamic resource allocation is initiated by the usage of MSAP and MSPM


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