Sales Events in the U.S. retail industry are based on change of seasons, national holidays and special events.  Several statistics shows that every year holiday sale percentage in US is getting increased. Trend of this kind, creates lot of seasonal employment opportunities. The biggest holiday season and the sale is between Thanks giving and the New Year and almost all the US retailers focus more during the period to reap the highest benefits! I have made out US Retail Sales Calendar in general along with targeted merchandise Season wise.

In thenext post I will publish some information on  sales patterns for Merchandise available across the calendar year!

Winter (Jan-Mar)

Event Name

Season Products

1st January New Years Day * Computer, Furniture, Mobile & Electronics, Winter Coats & Clothing, chocolates & Candy, Linen & Mattresses related products and New cars.
3rd Monday of January Martin Luther King Day *
14th February Valentine’s Day
3rd Monday of February President’s Day *
17th March St. Patrick’s Day
Friday in March-April Good Friday
Sunday in March-April Easter Day Sale
March-April Passover Day
End of March End of Season Clearance Sale

Spring (Apr-Jun)

Event Name

Season Products

Friday in March-April Good Friday Television, Electronics, Cookware, Gift Items,   Digital Cameras, Vacuum Cleaners, Used Cars, spring season apparels, tools & Accessories.
Sunday in March-April Easter Day Sale
March-April Passover Day
2nd Sunday of May Mother’s Day
Last Monday of May Memorial Day *
3rd Sunday of June Father’s Day
End of June End of Season Clearance Sale

Summer (Jul-Sep)

Event Name

Season Products

4th July Independence Day * Computers. All types of furniture, Garden & yard tools and accessories, School related Stuffs’, Stationaries, Storage & Vacation needs.
August Back to School
1st Monday of September Labor Day *
End of September End of Season Clearance Sale
Fall (Oct-Dec) Event Name

Season Products

2nd Monday of October Columbus Day * Electronics, Computers, Home Appliances, Cookware, Plants, Apparels, Hardware, Jewelry, Gift Items, Toys & Games, Wine, Home decors, Candies & Chocolates, Wedding Supplies, Cars.
31st October Halloween Day
11th November Veteran’s Day *
4th Thursday of November Thanksgiving Day *
Thanksgiving Day Evening Gray Thursday
Next day of Thanksgiving Black Friday
First Monday after Thanksgiving Cyber Monday (Sale on online Shopping)
25th of December Christmas *
26th Dec – 1st of Jan Kwanzaa
End of December End of Season Clearance Sale

 Note:  Marked with ‘*’ are federal holidays.

(Source: NRF.Com,,,,

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